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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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claudine wong is at city hall, good morning claudine wong. >> reporter: we have two trucks outside city hall and lights are on and they do expect to be open for business. i want to walk you over to the right side of this business because that is where you have two generators and that's what you are hearing. the hum of two generators going on since early this morning, i did ask a person when he thought regular power will restore and this is a situation which has been ongoing since last night. there wasn't an he can legs call explosion -- an electrical explosion and there was some
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water because sprinklers came on and head to call pg&e to turn it off. >> this is a high voltage area so we can't get anybody inside so we have the power cut off. >> back live out here in front of city hall, you can see the power is back on. they talked about calling the power off so they had to turn off several locations. we are told they will be open for business but the work is still ongoing and we have been trying to get ahold of somebody working on this pulling and we will let you know as soon as we get more information.
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and in ea house fire started at a home named archery way. four people inside the house escaped injury but a firefighter had to go to the hospital for a minor injury in the lower part of his body. a dumptruck spilled a load of dirt right before midnight in san martinez before morgan hill and gilroy. they had to use a snow play to fit rid of the mess during that cleanup. now to our coverage this morning with a neighborhood buried in mud. tara moriarty was the first
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reporter on the scene, she is out in the neighborhood again to see what it looks like today, tara? yesterday at this time these treats were coughed in mud and right now they are clean but still a lot of work ahead, this is covered in mud and this is once -- this was once a grassy field. they came in late last night to dig cars out of the mud. a 70-year-old cast iron tank took place above hillside park. it under herebied and luckily nobody was hurt and nobody home was damaged and now we will
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have rain. >> i guess we have rain coming soon and we never know if it could happen again because there is that one spot that came down already. >> reporter: now the debtor with water resources said the water-main broke because it is most likely so old and -- old. and i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man is shot in the back in downtown san rafael. new video into a shooting in san rafael that sent one man into the hospital between tip miss avenue apple are looking for four men who left the car. new charges have been filed
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against antolin garcia-torres for kidnapping and murdering sierra lemar. the innocence happened when antolin garcia-torres was a -- incidents happened when antolin garcia-torres was a juvenile. they learned about sierra lemar and antolin garcia-torres was arrested for this case. they had two suspects in a horrifying kidnapping incident. coming up, we will show you more of that surveillance video they hope will lead to an arrest. new this morning, leon panetta still has confidence for john allan to lead in florida. leon panetta is currently in australia for a defense summit. leon panetta addressed the scandal that led to the
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resignation of director general david petraeus. >> nobody should lead to any consolation here. general allan is doing an excellent job in leading those forces. he certainly has my continued forces to lead our forces and to continue the fight. >> the inspector general is currently investigating the exchanges between the two. one described them as flirt tares but somebody else compared them to phone sex. and nancy pelosi is expected to announce whether she will hold her current leadership post or step town. they hope he had they could step up since last week's election. if the 72-year-old pelosi gives up her leadership post she will continue to represent her home
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district in san francisco. president barack obama has scheduled a news conference for 10:30 our time. this will be his first. he has a dozen ceos including ford. they want his advice on how to avoid this fiscal cliff and spending cuts are set to take affect if congress does not act. students are set to gain two day protest outside a regents meeting. at the are requestion of brown they are raising fees and they will still vote to increase tuition for next year. they will also meet to talk about prop 30.
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the pressure is to safe $250 million. that was the case in palo alto yesterday who paid just 39 cents per gallon for a gas. one driver said it cost him $3 for 8 gallons for gas. one driver has decided to stock up and it appears to be over. the price was $3.65 per gallon that the same-station issue this morning. >> it must have been a nice surprise. >> that would be great. bring up the motor home. let's take a look right now, traffic is looking relatively well around the bay area. weaves had some road work
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between the s curve and the fremont exit and it is not causing a major delay also the commute on san francisco approaching the 880 split along the lower deck of the bridge, that traffic looks good and northbound 280 right through the downtown area, that is a nice looking drive, let's go to steve. sal, my dad is watching this, and he will verify this, but i remember 19-cents per gallon for gas and they gave away steak knives. i remember back in the day when i was a kid. i remember. now because of the some higher clouds, look at oakland 54, what? 55 in san francisco, another nice day along the coast, not as cold inland and instead of we had a few cold mornings and it needs to get a little
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kicker. it will work through thursday into friday. very mild conditions and for this time of year it is actually kind of warm but if you go out for a walk or hike you better do it by 3:00 because that sun starts fast a off the high clouds over us no big deal. watch the clouds starting to increase, this is late thursday, take it overnight into friday, this will be a warm system 0 coming in. that easterly breeze looks nice on the coast. i couldn't stop putting it in the 70s. and on friday timing may be tough but cloudy skies working into -- working rain into the
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weekend, pam. plans for the arena for the golden state warriors are taking shape and it is promising hundreds of new local jobs. and it is looking good coming up to the pay gates, we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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. california launches their trade and 100 100 refineries if they emit fewer carbons they
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can sell to other companies. so they will protect the environment and raise a billion dollars. the commerce has filed a lawsuit. and we have an update into the questionable spending of public money at the port of oakland. administrators e-mailed us saying, he will not receive money in exchange for retirement. and the mayor is on administrative leave and he has left the country and following a ktvu investigation in which reuncoverred expenses at attention as strip club. and a burglary, thieves stole honor guard items over the weekend. they say they have a lot of
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symbolic value and they are even eusually given to the families of fallen -- they are usually given to the families of fallen firefighters. somebody broke in to the history fall are you. but it includes valuable items from the gold rush era. police responding within four minutes. >> unfortunately they knew what they were looking for and they had identified the objects and came very well prepared. they were very quick. >> a man was arrested outside put did not have any the 0 stolen items. he is accused of stealing.
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police say the two men kidnapped the 57-year-old woman and drove her around trying to withdraw money from several atms. they abandoned her and she was able to get help from a homeowner. one of the men is 5-foot 11, 185 pounds with short dark hair. the second kidnapper, 5-foot 9, 150 pounds. san francisco police are looking for a man who / add muni passenger with a knife. that happened near hate street on central avenue. it started with an argument between two men. one man slashed the other man and the victim was not seriously hurt.
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a bicyclist was hit on the presidio -- on the avenue. he said he was cycling when he was hit by a late model 0 porsche suv and if caught he could face charges. fold end state wore new orleans will go each though they don't plan -- they do plan to build. that means 2 5% of all construction jobs will go to san francisco residents or veterans. and it is the information they have been waiting for but we had to pay more for the delicacy. crabbers will be allowed to set their traps starting at 6:00 a.m., the start of the season comes after crabbers reached an a agreement on a wholesale price of $3 per pound.
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that price is higher than last year and the season initially start tomorrow. crabbers can't pull their stuff in. a lot of bay area families have crabbed with the thanksgiving dinner. >> yes including ours, we'll see if i am not already hungry, pam. if you are driving on 880 westbound, it is a nice looking drive heading out to the bay bridge there are no problems and this is a look at the toll plaza, we have a nice drive and traffic is moving along nicely all the way through. if you are driving on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17, that traffic is moving well getting into the valley. >> thank you sal, we have another nice day on tap today. also tomorrow, it looks like it will change rapidly.
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higher clouds nice to warm today, not as cold this morning, i know for some of you, it can be chilly and very mild. more of the same as the wind turns westerly. friday is light rain and we will start to increase as we head into saturday and monday. a lot of 40s to near 55 in san francisco, oakland 54 degrees and very, very mild conditions. antioch, not as cold. the first system will be 2 and it will get helped along, bumped along by a stronger colder system. we are setting the stage, 60s and 70s, mainly in the 40s. friday and sunday looks cooler, very light rain and heavier as we go into the weekend. a lot of those higher clouds drifting by and that easterly breeze means mild to warm.
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a lot of 70s, and we cloud it up on friday, light rain, timing is tough we will deal with that tomorrow. clouds increase on saturday and it looks like a colder rain sunday into monday, pam. >> thank steve. -- thank you, steve. a plane crashed into a home in mississippi causing a huge fire. where was it headed is an ironic swift to a story -- twist to the story. and a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 21, stay tuned.
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. time now 4:52, we are learning a small plane that crashed in miss my were on their way to an faa safety conference. they left shortly after take off and never made it. all three pile lots were killed. one person in the house did manage to escape the burning home with minor injuries. investigators now know where two poisonous mushrooms in an elder care facility came from. the caretaker at the home had
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into no idea mushrooms had sprouted after recent rains. the cook used those in assume. two died, and four others including the caretaker were sent to the hospital. they say where you carry your cell phone could affect you. many are using their bras as holsters. she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the able of 2 is. the location of the tumors matched where she carried her cell phone. nobody should carry a phone next to their body. >> if there is a risk and we don't find out for five or ten years from now, we'll see a whole cluster of people with breast cancer. they say there is no scientific evidence. but the fine print say the phones should be 5 / 8th of an
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inch from any body part. let's go to sal to check in on the commute, pat? right now traffic is doing well around the bay area. as a matter of fact some of that road work is being picked up. let's go look at northbound 208 which is a -- 208 which a -- 280 which is a nice looking drive all the way to highway 17. that traffic is moving nicely, if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it should be light for you. and they have yellow cones out there, orange cones and westbound 4 looks good from venetia why to walnut creek is off to a good start. 4:55 let's go to steve. temperatures are warming up, we are starting up warmer,
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40s elsewhere and the higher clouds are helping, a little bit of an easterly breeze. it is poised to move in tomorrow and it looks like rain develops friday and timing is tough. today and tonight, today and tomorrow looking good and things start to really fall apart weatherwise, that is. as we go into the weekend, the first of the second will tart to come in late into sunday and today looks wet. an easterly breeze and that means temperatures on the coast, very nice to mild in fact low-to-mid 70s as you head towards the santa cruz coastline. rain begins, there could be a little bit of rain more likely in the afternoon and there comes a colder system and temperatures will drop sunday
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into monday, pam. and in supplement lake tahoe, they will be able to hit the slopes earlier than usual. heavenly and northstar is opening ahead of schedule. for now only certain trails will be open. the head of the long island power company has resigned amidst the complaints. they called to investigate the utility. one group has filed a class- action suit for its respond to the -- response to the storm. 50million people have not had power for more than two weeks now. they have turned washington d.c. upside down. the 911 tape with the major role in this real life soap opera. also, thanksgiving is just two days away, how you can help
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others in this holiday season.
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